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10 Natural Remedies To Control Jetlag


It doesn’t matter whether you’re keen road or air traveler or between those who is planning for a long distance vacation. You might get experience the problem of jet lag, which can affect your pattern of alertness and sleep. With every passing mile a travelers facing several health problems while one of the most problems is a disturbance in sleep pattern. Jet lag can badly affect your overall body functionality; you will feel low in energy, feel stress, reduce alertness, and lose stamina and others. However, the question is that how to overcome the problems that lead by jetlag. Let’s look at the 10 natural remedies to control jetlag.


  1. Caffeinebenefits of coffee jetlag
Beverages like as coffee, tea, and espresso are full of caffeine, this will help to elevate your alertness and help to avoid a daytime feeling of sleepiness. But it is necessary to use caffeine drinks in limits, avoid drinking caffeinated beverages after evening time, because when you consumed caffeine after that time, then it possibility will be more difficult for you to good sleep at night.
  1. Adjusting Sleep And Wake Time.Narcolepsy jetlag
It’s an excellent strategy to avoid jet lag to adjusting sleep and wake time while you are traveling for long distance. When you’re traveling for any place, then it is good to sleep 1 hour earlier than normal and wake up 1 hour earlier. On day second, go to bedtime 2 hours earlier and wake up 2 hours later. Change your sleeping pattern for 3 to 4 days, when you do this it will help your body and mind to successfully and naturally handle the pressure of long traveling. This is the best remedy to control the jetlag.
  1. Avoid Drinking Alcohol.causes of infertility after angioplasty surgery losing weight jetlag
Before, after and during the flight avoid drinking alcoholic beverages.  Alcohol is not only harmful to the health, but it leads to disturbing the pattern of sleep and cause dehydration along with it became a cause for nausea and overall health discomfort.

  1. Do Physical Movements On The Plate.Stretch exercises jetlag
While you’re seated on a flight, it is good for an appropriate flow of blood and boosting mental and physical relaxation to do some exercise on a flight. For this, you need to move your body parts from different angles, like as bend your knees, stand up and sit down. When you’re free to walk then in every one or two hours, get up and walk around the flight. Through this way, you will be gifted to control the problems related to jet lag and can improve your physical fitness and decrease mental and physical stress.
  1. Drink water.Water Constipation mouth ulcers Morning sickness increase metabolism Stop Skin Ageing stretch marks naturally cure boils naturally healthy habits jetlag
Drinking plenty of water is always beneficial for good health and removing the toxins from the body. But, if you drink sufficient quantity of water during the flight, then it helps your body to fight against of health problems which normally occurred because of the dry atmosphere inside the plane. It helps your body fully hydrated so you will remain energetic and alert.
  1. Wear Comfortable Wardrobe.
If you feel good, you will perform well. Within long distance traveling, it is important how you look and feel. Wearing a comfortable and attractive wardrobe give you a level of physical and mind satisfaction. When you are in a process of purchasing your traveling outfit, select the clothes and shoes according to your comfort and climate in your journey’s time zone. Avoid purchasing the items which are irritating, restrict or pinch. Dressing according to your destination is the best remedy to control and tackle with jet lag problems naturally.
  1. Elevate Your Fitness Level.Things to avoid at gym narcolepsy hip fat increase metabolism Control bad cholesterol jetlag
If you are physical fit and healthy, then you can easily cope problems related to jet lag. Eating healthy, connected with healthy physical activities and taking sufficient rest is the channel to stay good in physical shape and with good health. Your improved level of physical conditioning, stamina, energy will empower you to stay in upright position while you’re in flight. If you have a poor diet and not physically feel healthy, then several weeks before traveling start eat healthily and trying to shape up your body.
  1. Set Watch Time When You Depart.
If you traveling from one country to another then set the watch time of the landing county, so you wouldn’t suffer while you landed to the specific location.
  1. Getting Use To With Outdoors.
A new time zone exposes new environment and atmosphere. For adjusting your body to the new atmosphere is good to go out in a rising sun along with in high and low sunlight. Through this way, your body getting used to with different environments and later it will be easier for you to naturally control the jetlag in a flight and in a new place as well.
  1. Consult With Your Doctor Before Traveling.
The doctor gives you best medical advice about how to cope with jetlag problems while you traveling for long distance. So before going to the long road trip or flying, consult with your doctor about the remedies of health safety.  Through following the above 10 natural remedies to control jetlag, you become gifted to fly like a warrior and land like a king.
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