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12 Greatest Health hacks you never knew!


health hacks
Ever wondered how some things in your kitchen or in your house would turnout as an unexpected blessing for your day to day health issues? Well, here in this article you are going to know on how you can face such problems and turn out your homely products into greatest health hacks. Hence, here are some natural remedies.


  1. Control your cough with Cloveshealth hacks
Suffering from severe cough? Not able to sleep all night because of coughing? Well, Clove also known as Lavanga is here for your rescue. Clove can be one of the great health hacks, as it minimizes the throat inflammation thus reducing the cough to a great extent. All you need to do is, take a clove and place it in your mouth in the cheeks and start swallowing the juice that come out of it slowly. If this does not control the cough consult your physician as soon as possible and get it sorted.
  1. Tea for Sun tans and burnshealth hacks
Yes, you heard it right! Tea, especially the Black tea is one of the greatest remedies and one of the greatest health hacks for skin burns and skin tans. This is because it contains Tanins which helps in soothing the skin and encourages quick recovery of burnt skin. Also, used Tea bags help in reducing the skin inflammation and irritation and sores present inside the mouth making it one of the greatest health hacks in everyday life.
  1. Brighter and Whiter teeth in one minute!health hacks
Want to look gracious with your smile? Then, Baking Soda and Lemon are here for your rescue. Baking Soda is a great remover of stains where as lemon is a great bleacher and a natural whitener. Take 1-2 tablespoon of Baking soda and add few drops of lemon juice to it and turn it into a paste. Brush your teeth with this paste and leave it for 30 seconds before washing your mouth. You will see the difference yourself but make sure not to repeat it daily as it can corrode your teeth.
  1. Coconut oil for Shiny Hairhealth hacks
Want to have shiny and strong hair? Then coconut oil is your answer to this problem and one of the great health hacks. Coconut oil has the ability to moisturize you scalp and nourish your hair. This is because coconut oil hydrates our hair and contains Vitamins and minerals in abundance which helps in reducing the hair locks makes the hair silky and lustrous.
  1. Ice therapy: A Quick remedy for acnehealth hacks
Acnes are very depressing as they start appearing on the skin without any reason. Individuals often on the peak of their puberty often face it more often. So, in such situations applying ice might be your answer as ice helps in contracting the skin and tightening the skin pores thus reducing the chances of acnes and pimples to recur. Just massage a cube of ice on your face by wrapping it in a cloth before you move to your bed at night making it one of the greatest health hacks.
  1. Ginger for congestionhealth hacks
Ginger is a great remedy for nasal and chest congestion. This is because Ginger contains oils that help in making the mucus less dense & viscous and helps in draining out the excess mucus present in our lungs and nose. Also, ginger can be good news for all sinus patients out there as it reduces the inflammation and infection present in our lungs. Cut thin slices of ginger and add them into hot water and drink it twice a day for best results. Hence, Ginger is one of the greatest life hacks anyone can use in everyday life.
  1. Kiwis for improved sleep cyclehealth hacks
Kiwis are good at improving your sleep patterns as it contains Serotonins. These hormones present within kiwis further turn into Melatonins in the Pineal gland present within our brain. This hormone is said to regulate our daily sleep and wake pattern. Also recent researches show that the individual consuming Kiwis daily tend to sleep quickly that 35% of the people and raise the quality of sleep by 40% making it one of the greatest health hacks for inducing sleep quickly.
  1. Boost your memory before examsDark Chocolates Control bad cholesterol health hacks
Tensed about your upcoming exams? Well in that case you might want to try chocolate. This is due to the fact that chocolates contain Flavanoids that are mainly found in the Cocoa beans. These flavanoids help in boosting the blood circulation across the body thus increasing the functionality of the brain. Further this leads to enhanced visual, numerical and verbal memory of an individual making chocolate not just a super food but also one of the greatest health hacks for enhancing memory.
  1. Honey: The health supplement and sleep inducerhealth hacks
Honey can also be identifies as one of the greatest health hacks as it is a great alternate for supplements for Athletic Sportsmen. This is because it contains ample amount of glucose and other forms of sugars that can provide enough energy for athletes. Honey is also beneficial for diabetic because it helps in boosting up the Insulin levels in the body and allows Tryptothan reach out for brain. This further allows people suffering from insomnia sleep quickly and comfortably.
  1. Vitamin C: The Stress killerhealth hacks
Vitamin C is one which is widely identified in fruits containing citric acid. It can be used as a stress buster as most of the Vitamin C is usually stored in the Adrenal glands. When an individual undergoes stress these glands starts to secrete Cristol and adrenaline that helps in acclimatizing the body under such hard conditions. It often has undesirable effects on our body and can affect the individual’s mood. Vitamin C regulates these hormones levels thus making it one of the great health hacks for stress busting.
  1. Dieting the slow killerhealth hacks
Dieting is one of the lesser known health hacks of our daily life. People usually favor dieting and eating food with lesser nutritional value so as to lose weight quickly. It might boost up one’s confidence but can be dangerous on the long run. This is due to the fact that the body no longer remains strong & won’t be able get the same amount of nutrients. This further weakens the immune system and makes the body prone to viral infections. It can also lead to heart diseases, bone weakness and impaired metabolism.
  1. Keep Smilinghealth hacks
You will smile yourself after watching the above image yourself as smiling is contagious and healthy too! Smiling not just boosts one’s mood but also helps in building up body immunity. It also boosts up one’s confidence at work. Other than these, smiling is a kind of facial exercise that helps in getting rid of facial fat and scars/wrinkles naturally. Many researchers today claim that smiling regularly can increase life expectancy.  Smiling is life’s greatest health hack because it makes the individual look gracious.
If you are allergic to any of the above health hacks mentioned above (except for the smiling part :p) do avoid them and consult your physician for feasible alternatives. If you have anything that you thing we might have missed do leave your comment or leave your feedback.
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