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GM Diet Plan: Losing Weight through Indian Vegetarian Diet in 7 days.


It’s hard to find people these days who don’t want to lose weight and look smarter, especially in India where people are more obsessed with oil dipped foods which are not just harmful for heart but also for growth in teenagers. In the olden days people hardly knew about obesity and their potential health hazards, but today Obesity has become one of the major concerns of the world which is leading to other health hazards such as diabetes, stunted growth and many more. So, in this article we are going to see on how one can lose weight in a week in Indian way through a famous vegetarian diet plan known as GM Diet Plan or General Motors Diet plan named after the famous automobile giant who earlier brought down this plan for their employees.
This GM diet plan is purely vegetarian in nature as including non vegetarian items and losing weight sometimes cannot go hand in hand. It includes Vegetables, Fruits, Sprouts and many more which will not only help in weight loss but will also provide essential body nutrients and minerals in the form of water to the body. Vegetables and fruits also are the best remedies for weight loss because they help in diluting the excessive cellulites present in our body and thus bringing down the fat levels and keeping the heart healthy and sound.
If followed properly the GM diet plan can bring down the body weight by 4-5 kilos within a week’s time. Also consult your physician before starting this diet plan. It is advised to restrict the consumption of Alcohol during this period as it may cause dehydration issues and add up calories to your body that can ruin this plan for you. So here we go with the Day-wise GM diet plan charted out for you!


  • Day 1: The Fruit Day!GM Diet Plan
The first day is the fruits day! Sounds Easy, isn’t it? No it isn’t though! It is the day you’ll be missing your old diet and wish to get back to your old ways. When you feel like it just think why you started it and what it will mean to you? Eat as many fruits as you can and as much fruit as you can! But avoid Bananas and Mangoes as they contain high amounts of Sugar in them. It is mainly advised to consume fruits that are watery in nature such as Watermelons, cantaloupe (Kharbooja in Hindi) and Oranges. These fruits will hydrate the body and will bring down the cellulite levels in the muscles and others parts of the body. Note: The first day of this diet plan is basically making you ready for the upcoming battle by providing ample amounts of nutrients and minerals.
  • Day 2: The Vegetable Day!Natural Health Drink GM Diet Plan
Well, half battle’s won if you are through the first day of your GM diet plan! Like Day 1 which was filled with fruits and nothing else Day 2 is going to be just vegetables and nothing else. These vegetables can be consumed either in raw form or in boiled form, whichever one suits best for you. It is advised to consume just one boiled potato on this day as potato contains essential nutrients and if consumed more than once potato can add up Carbohydrates to your body. If you are feeling bored with eating just raw vegetables, you can add up butter, little bit of pepper or even Oregano (Ajavāyana in Hindi) to delight your tongue.
Note: The second day of the plan is basically eliminating the excess fats in the body and maintaining the sugar levels by providing calorie free vegetable diet.
  • Day 3: The Remix!GM Diet Plan
Day 3 is a mix of the diets you took on Day 1 and Day 2 i.e. fruits and vegetables are going to be on your plate on this day. You can eat as much raw/boiled vegetables and fruits on this day but unfortunately that doesn’t include boiled potato and raw banana. The major motive of this diet is to avoid calories as much as you can and burn down the cellulites that aren’t necessary in the body. This day of the GM diet plan can break your threshold and you might get attracted to your original food habits. But think again for a while that why this was all about? Just a few days more and you are going to be fit!
Note: The 3rd day of the diet plan basically reduces the excess carbohydrates by avoiding the boiled potatoes as the Fruits and vegetables taken since day 1 and 2 provide ample amounts of carbohydrates required for the body.
  • Day 4: Finally, Here comes Mr. Banana!GM Diet Plan
It is rightly said, all good things are for those who wait! And finally your wait for banana is over once you are done with Day 3 of the GM diet plan. On this day you can have as many as 8 bananas and 6 glasses of milk. This is done as consumption of raw fruits and vegetables bring down the sugar and salts levels in the body and Bananas and glasses of milk can help you out to regain what was lost during that period. Though it is advisable to make a shake out of bananas and milk as doing so can keep a check on the their consumption. Diluted vegetable soups can also be taken on this day that too just once not more than that!
Note: The Day 4 basically targets towards the Potassium that you might have lost in the past few days which can be revived back by Banana and Milk.
  • Day 5: The Grand Feast!causes of infertility GM Diet Plan
Day 5 of the GM diet plan feels like breaking a long fasting period for a Grand festival treat. You can eat as much as 4-6 tomatoes and eat various other delicacies such as Tofu, Rice, Sprouts, Pulses (Dals) etc. But it is important to include Tomato and increase the water intake by 25% as doing so will cleanse out the uric acid and the Alpha Lipolic Acid present in the tomatoes will help in turning the glucose into energy. The fibers present in tomatoes will also help in better digestion thus bringing out the harmful toxins in the form of stools.
Note: The day 5 is basically for strengthening and purification of the body as, Tomatoes and water flush out body toxins and foods like Tofu, Sprouts and Pulses contain Iron and proteins required for body strength.
  • Day 6: The Grand Feast Part 2!GM Diet Plan
Day 6 of the GM diet plan is similar to that of Day 5 but on this day tomatoes must be excluded. You can also include fruits and vegetables on this day as they provide essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. You can also include 1-2 Glasses of milk on this day as milk is the primary source of Proteins, Phosphorus, Calcium and Glucose. Increase the water intake by around 30% as water provides essential nutrients and also enhances the body metabolism and digestion. You Day 6 diet can include rice, soya chunks, tofu, Pulses/Dals etc.
Note: The day 6 is similar to that of Day 5 but this one will contain more vitamins, Calcium and glucose as it recommends vegetables and Milk.
  • Day 7: The Judgment Day!GM Diet Plan
Finally, you’ve made it to the final day of the GM diet plan! This day has been called as Judgment day as diet on this day must be taken carefully. On this day you can start having fresh fruit juices or vegetable juices of your choice. Additionally, one can also include 6-7 Idlis (If you are South Indian) or a cup of Brown rice or Half Parantha (In case, you are North Indian) with lesser amount of ghee to it. The fruit juices can provide essential nutrients and bring out the body toxins in the form of waste thus flushing out everything on the last day.
Note: By now you might be experiencing loss of weight and lighter in weight than usual. By now most of the body toxins will be outside your body in the form of waste.
If this diet plan is strictly followed for a week you can lose as much as 4-5 Kilograms of your weight. This diet plan can be followed as many times as you like if you are wishing to lose your weight further. Also make sure that there is a gap of at least one week before you start your GM Diet plan again. So, here are some things that must be followed and avoided while following the Diet plan:



  • You can also include workouts and Yoga during this period as they can bring much more effectiveness to this diet plan.
  • Drink as much as 8-10 glasses of water and increase it by 1-2 glasses everyday as they not just help in hydration but also escalates digestion.
  • On day one of your diet plan you can include various other water rich fruits such as Apricots, Pineapples, Raspberries and apples which have more than 85% of water content in them.
  • Vegetables such as lettuces, Spinach, Radishes and Cucumbers must be included in the form of Salads on day 2 as they contain higher amounts of water and minerals in them.


  • Avoid Alcoholic and other Cream beverages including Beer, as they add up extra calories during this period.
  • Fruit Juices must be avoided till the 7th day of the GM diet plan as taking them before can add extra calories and sugar to the body.
  • As mentioned above, do not consume more than one boiled potato on the 2nd day as it can add up as Carbohydrates to the body.
  • If you are a heart patient or a diabetic patient do not start following this diet plan without your physicians consent.


  • Water is the essential part of the GM diet plan. During this week, increase your water intake by 1-2 glasses per day thus bringing it from 8-10 on the first day to 15-17 glasses on the last day.
  • Also you can have tomatoes either in raw form or boiled form or in Roasted form according to your comfort.
  • The Parantha taken on the last day of the diet plan can be substituted by Rotis or Phulkas as they do not contain ghee or oils of any sorts in them.
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