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Healthy Habits and workouts at Work


Exercises and workouts are integral part of our daily life. But unfortunately our daily desk jobs, prolonged work on computers and Social networking sites have made us lethargic and prone to ailments such as back pains and other body pains. Hours of sitting in front of a computer can be harmful as it not just harms our posture but can also harm our eyes and brain. Skipping daily workouts makes our immune system weaker and makes us prone to various diseases. If you don’t find time for workouts then no issues, in this article we are going to show you some of the healthy habits and workouts that can help you in leading a healthier life.


  1. Carry Fruits/Salad at workGM Diet Plan healthy habits
Fruits and Salads are one of the primary sources of mineral to our body. They contain essential minerals such as Iron, Zinc and Vitamins such as Vitamin A, B and C. Other than this they help us to revitalize our mind and body and keep us fresh thus letting us give more attention at our work. Eating fruits is also a good habit as they are natural coolants does not let our body to overheat while in stress or during intense work at office.
  1. Drink water regularly
    Water Constipation mouth ulcers Morning sickness increase metabolism Stop Skin Ageing stretch marks naturally cure boils naturally healthy habits
Keeping yourself hydrated at work is the key for having a refreshing mood at your workplace. Drinking water also keeps you skin hydrated and keeps it glowing and fresh. One must drink 2-3 litres of water everyday depending upon the physique of the individual. In order to keep yourself hydrated at work keep a timer on your desk and drink a 1-2 glasses of water on hourly basis. Else keep a water bottle on your desk and drink a glass of water in every half an hour. Follow these healthy habits everyday!
  1. Take a breakHealthy habits
Work is worship, but too much of anything is always dangerous! It is essential that to take occasional breaks during work or else it becomes difficult to concentrate on the task. Taking too much stress on work can harm your body and make is weaker. Researchers have seen direct links between stress and weaker immune system. Stress often leads to infertility in both men and women. Keep a timer and take a stroll of 1-2 minutes after an hour’s work. Hence, taking break is one of the greatest healthy habits.
  1. Avoid Social Networking Websites/appsHealthy habits
Most of us hardly know that social networks such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter etc. make our life miserable according to a report published in the Medical News Today. According to the report, social media networks make us feel more insecure and feel more anxious. Around 60% of the world today is using such social media networks out of which 60-70% of them are suffering from internet addictions. Meeting people personally makes people social and wise making it one of the greatest health habits.
  1. Walk as much as you can!Healthy habits
Walking is one of the healthy habits to be followed not only at your work place but also at your home. This is because walking keeps us active and helps in reducing the fat amount in the body. Also it is a great warm-up exercise that helps in the better circulation of blood across the body. If you are facing knee joints problem walking more frequently might not suit you but for others always choose stairs over elevators and prefer walking whenever needed.


These simple workouts can prove out to be healthy habits as they help in setting your sitting posture right and keeping you fit at work. Here are some of the workouts that might prove to be beneficial and effective for you.
  1. Neck StretchStretch exercises healthy habits
Neck pains and strains are one of the greatest curses for people having desk jobs. The biggest culprit behind this curse is continuous longer usage and work on computers. Hence, neck stretch is one the greatest healthy habits and a greatest remedy for such issues. All you need to do is, sit on your work chair in the erect position with head and neck in straight position. Gently start rotating your head backward and move it sideward then front and other side. Have a look at the image above.
  1. Back StretchStretch exercises healthy habits
Long hours of sitting and hours of working on your desktop or laptop also leads to back pain issues. These issues often cause due to improper sitting postures and prolonged hours of sitting without any physical activity such as walking or standing. Back stretch is a one of the well known healthy habits as it helps in averting spinal-cord issues such as slip disk and back pains. Sit on your chair erect and place your hand parallel to the ground and move them to the left and light as shown above.
  1. Leg raising WorkoutHealthy habits
This is a great workout for hips and thighs as it stretches the muscles located in these areas and soothe the strained muscles. Just make sure that your desk as ample amount of space below to spread out your legs. This workout is also one of the well known healthy habits as it also has its effect on the lower back region. All one needs to do is, sit in erectile posture and raise one or both legs parallel to the floor. Now lower them down without making them touch the ground and repeat it 5-10 times for best results.
  1. Shoulder workoutHealthy habits
Having shoulder problems? Here’s a workout for your rescue. This workout works great for shoulder and back related ailments and can be done calmly without letting anyone know that you are even working out! All one has to do is, rise up both of your shoulders and bring them close to your ears and hold this position for 5-10 seconds. Repeat this for 10-15 times for best results. The try the advanced part if it seems this seems easy for you. Do these same workouts while holding a heavy book in both hands.
  1. Squat workoutHealthy habits
Squats would be a great pick for you as it covers almost every other part of the body and stretches the strained muscles. Squats also help in controlling the fat content in the body and helps in better digestion of food making it one of the greatest well known healthy habits. Place your legs at shoulders distance and raise your hands parallel to the ground. Now, slowly start bending your knees without disturbing your back and reach the bottom and rise again slowly. Repeat it 10-20 times for best results.

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